Best Tips to Generate More Customers from Social Media For Fashion Business 1 Best Tips to Generate More Customers from Social Media For Fashion Business 1

Best Tips to Generate More Customers from Social Media For Fashion Business

The fashion industry is big and booming today with numerous fashion enthusiasts taking to the Internet to spread the word about their business and to attract customers.

If you would like your fashion business to do better than your competitors you have to do things either differently or better than them. Keep in mind that competition is fierce and over the web, you are competing at an international level. This is the reason why you should do everything in your power to excel.

The good news here is that even though the Internet has increased competition, it has given us easier and quicker ways to beat the competition. One such blessing is social media. Fashionistas are all over social media to promote themselves because this powerful tool can indeed spin wonders.

However, social media is beneficial only when you appreciate its potential and use it accordingly. We have for you a few tips that will enable you to optimize your business using social media:

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Use Pictures

In the fashion world, it is all about visuals. That is why you should establish your presence on social media platforms that are specifically for pictures. These include Pinterest and Instagram. Both these portals are all about pictures and are the best for a fashion business. Of course, you may use Facebook and Twitter but even on these portals, it is advised that you speak through pictures and limit text.

Customize Your Messages

It is totally unacceptable to upload the same message on all social media portals. This is because your followers on Twitter have a completely different train of thought when compared to your followers on Instagram. On Twitter, you will see people who are more into technology while Facebook is for everyone. Instagram is specifically for those who love sharing images, as is Pinterest. This is why you should segment your messages based on the platform you are using. Generic messages will not appeal to everyone.

Establish A Connection

On social media, direct promotion of your fashion business will not help you at all. Social media is a portal to share information and to connect first. Only then should you think of promoting yourself. Also, the promotion should be discreet. Your focus should be on establishing a connection with your audience by narrating stories about lifestyle. You may also get in touch with your customers to share their stories.

Most of them will be happy to do so. When you share these stories you will attract others as well. You also have the option of creating suggestive, beautiful stories of lifestyle that may appeal to your target audience.

Retarget Your Visitor With Facebook Ads To Increase Conversion Rates

Most people are not ready to buy immediately upon seeing an ad or visiting your website. With retargeting you’re able to reach the same people that were thinking about buying your product with reminder ads.

You can retarget visitors to your website by creating Custom Audiences with Facebook (with just a snippet of code), and target Lookalike Audiences as well to expand your reach.

If they don’t purchase—let’s say after a week—you can give them a slight discount in the ad to get them to act. Retargeting people who have abandoned their shopping cart is also a fantastic way to generate sales that otherwise would have been lost.


Create Style Guides

Create style guides to show your visitors how to wear or incorporate your items into their everyday life.

If you own a fashion brand that sells a variety of clothing items, put together a style guide for your website so that visitors and subscribers can get ideas on how to wear your clothing, and even incorporate pieces into their existing wardrobe.

Don’t limit yourself to just one guide. Style guides can be done seasonally (spring, summer, fall, winter), for special occasions (wedding, party, picnic), holidays (Eid, Christmas, New Year’s), and for more topical themes: travel, work, weekend, beach.

Here is the great example of one of our client: Closet Fashioncloset fashion instagram

Guides can be listed as a special section on your website and incorporated into your blog or Instagram, where you can provide more in-depth information on each item in the collection. Try telling a story with the style guide to interest your customer.

Work With Influencers

Yes, work with influencers in your category to provide you with access to a new audience, gain social proof, and receive unique content.

To get in front of your ideal audience, work with a popular fashion vlogger or blogger that already has a dedicated following of people who would like your brand. Those with large audiences have built a reputation and are well respected by their readers. They can have a huge impact if they choose to mention, review, or even wear your products. Fashion Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

You can work with them to create content around a specific campaign or just create gorgeous images with your product. Their influence and creative take on your product will garner great interaction and sales.

Working with bloggers gives you two huge things: you get in front of a new audience and, if you selected the correct influencer, then you’ll gain new customers and the blogger will create content for you. Depending on the collaboration, they will share custom content on their blog, and social channels, and you (the brand) may also get the opportunity to use the content they produce.

When collaborating with a blogger, you can also run Facebook ads featuring the photos of the bloggers to send traffic their way, and in turn, get your product(s) noticed. (Make sure you get a signed agreement before posting images of them and/or their logo.)

PRO TIP: When working with bloggers, provide a brand guide so you give them more guidance and they create the content you’re looking for.

Do Not Try Too Hard

The more you push, the harder you will fall. This is the mantra on social media. Do not force yourself on social media or push on your customers to buy from you. Keep it interactive and simple, full of colorful images that will attract your target audience. All the content, visual or textual, should be relevant, decent, and interesting.

Social media is extremely powerful, especially for the fashion business. Use it to the fullest so that your business sees a boost.

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